Bookshelf speakers ?

Looking for reasonably priced speakers for my second system. Amp is a McIntosh 7150. Any ideas ?
What's your definition of "reasonably priced speakers"? Also, taste in music, room size, source, ect?
Under $1000. per pair. Speakers will be on stands.
I listen to jazz, rock and classical.
The room has very high ceilings. Ceilings and walls are tongue and groove cedar. Great for acoustics.
I ended up w/ a pair of Energy RC-10s in a trade...tickled to death at how good they are! $350 (closeout) new at Audio Advisor.
With a 7150, you need a speaker with a clear and extended treble to get the most neutral balance. In this case, I highly recommend the JM Lab Electra 906. Incredible speaker for the used price.

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totem model one's
Polk Audio LSi9 are a good choice for around $900.
Just the Energy RC-10s from Audi Advisor.
I will let you know how they sound. Terrific price.
Jpgsf: I was going to suggest the NHT Three.
Fantastic with any type of music. But I see you've
made a purchase already.

The Energy RC-10 are some pretty damn good sounding monitors, especially at their price. Almost bought a pair, myself. Think you'll be a pretty "happy camper" with them, and with the money you saved, just think how much more music you can buy. Happy listening.

PS: Listened to both the NHT Classic 3 and the Energy RC-10, and while both were good sounding speakers, to my ears I preferred the RC-10s.