Bookshelf Speakers

I am trying outfit a room with descent sound, but the only place I can put speakers is actually in a built in book shelf. I know it won't be optimal, but I really don't have a choice. Does anyone have any advice for speakers or set up tricks that might help optimize a not so perfect situation? Thanks. Greg
Hi Greg,

One option is to consider a bookshelf speaker that either has a front port, or no port at all. Also, if the speakers can be placed at near ear level that will benefit the sound quality as well.

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If you surf through the you might find offered wall mounts for the bookshelf speakers that look like a cross-bow. The resonance will be significantly reduced comparing to the book shelf.
I put a system in a back bedroom completely on shelves & bought all the shelves & brackets at Home Depot. I changed stuff around a few times but what I wound up with is the double track brackets with the 18" shelf brackets & used 2 pieces of shelving to get 20" of shelf space. This allows enough room for the cables to make easy bends & I have some rear ported speakers that sit ~ 10" from the back wall.

I put up another set of brackets just for the other speaker but only used the single track as I only put one more shelf below the speaker to hold some misc. stuff. I also used 3.5" wood screws directly into studs, so no question whether the walls would be able to support the weight of the integrated, CD & one speaker.

I recently introduced a new IC into the system & it is less flexible than the stuff I had been using, so if I keep these cables I might buy two more shelves & extend the shelving out a little more. Easy to do as each 20" shelf is made up from a 12" & 8" piece.
The NHT SupeZeros are great as they are non-ported and really do fit on a bookshelf.
If placing against the wall, stuffing the rear port will help a bit and lessen the boominess and tighten up the bass. The Revel m20's are decent sounding and have a placment compensation switch to adjust for bookshelf placement. I've never heard them in this mode, but really like the speakers in their normal state.

If you want something in the budget range, the latest issue of stereophile (who never seem to give bad reviews anymore) and most of the brittish rags really like the little Mission m71's. They have plugs to plug the port included for bookshelf mounting. I've never heard myself, but for about $200, I've ordered a pair just to play around with.

I have a pair of the Sonus Faber Concertos that I really like, but when I placed near the wall (on stands), they were fairly boomy and not this was not the ideal placement.

Hope this helps!