Bookshelf speakers $2500 or less

I'm putting together a system with bookshelf speakers for my office at work. Detailed midrange and treble are important. Big bass not important, since I don't want to disturb the neighbors.

I heard some Amphion Argon2s and liked them. Any other suggestions?

Haven't thought much about electronics yet, but considering the new Manley StingRay 2 or MantaRay integrated. Source will be PC+USB DAC. I mainly listen to jazz and jazz vocals, plus some blues, rock and classical.

As a new owner of some Veracity's, I'd highly recommend some Salk Veracity HT1's....especially if you're looking for detail. They give a sense of live presence to music I've not heard before. Of course, they look stunning too.
The list is endless. Any iteration of the classic BBC 3/5a monitor. A used pair of Celection SL600s or SL700s. Linn Kan or Tukan.
B&W 805's. Used for much less than that. Liquid and smooth.
gradient prelude.
If they are really for a bookshelf, then the North Kitty Kat Revelator. "Near-wall specific reference monitor." Wish I could have a pair!
All great suggestions. I will check these out. Thanks!
I have said it so many times before.... but man o man... after my great search... the Dynaudio 1.3SE.... WOW! Thats all I have to say.
Toby: The Kitty Kats sound great. I will definitely check them out.
If it's for near wall, I would look hard at the Norths. I just put together a pair of Eskas,another North "near wall specific" design, which do seem to work very well close to the wall. (No one else I could find builds speakers for that application.) Lee Taylor makes beautiful boxes and is very helpful, btw, and I'd use him, and for a few bucks extra, custom veneer fron I'm enjoying my Norths a lot, in every regard. John
Second the Salk HT1's.

Would also check out Rick Craig's Selah Audio SSR.