What bookshelfs give more bang for the buck for someone like me who is not an audiophile. I like music at the current time(Cool Jazz, Classical)and will be using the speakers in a small living/dining room (that's why no HT at the present time.) The speakers will be powered by a Marantz SR8000(105WPC.) Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
What is you budget ? and that is alot of receiver for a small 2 channel system. Some of my favorites are B&W Nautilus 805 about $1800/pair, B&W CDM1 about $900/pair Monitor Audio Silver 4i about $800/pair or the monitor baby system all 5 speakers and a sub for about $1200. Speaking of subs depending on the type of classical you like you will need at least a 10" w/150w but you will have to pick out your speakers first so that you can match the sub to them. Anyway hope this helps a little.
Not knowing your budget but by judging your receiver it would open up very nicely with the B&W dm602 which you can retire to the rear of your room when you upgrade to HT. Yhey are the large model of their lineup in the 600 series and they retail for about 600-650. good luck!
At 800 bux a pair, I've been very impressed with my Linn Tukans. They aren't very sensitive to placement (although good placement is always better). They like to be close to the wall, and are good looking. Try them out.
I had B&W dm 602 and CDM1, GO with SOLILOQUY 5.0 they can't be beat for the price.
For around 300 bones, the Paradigm Mini-Monitor is pretty unbelievable. Not super high-end, but awesome for under $1000. It would be an easy speaker for your Marantz to drive also. Take a listen and you'll see for yourself. good luck!!
Go for the B&W N805, you won't get wrong with it.
I don't know your budget limitations, however I particularily like the Spendor speakers. My favorite is the SP 1/2, however if this is too much for your budget you can't beat the Sound Dynamics RST-3 at $300.00 per pair. I have a pair of these in my downstairs system and they are truly amazing.
For low-bux I really agree with the B&W DM602 - amazingly clean for the money. In addition I bought my non-audiophile father-in-law the NHT Super One's, which sounded great by themselves and I think would make excellent surround speakers. Also, I hear that the Sound Dynamics speakers are supposed to be great for around $300
Mandrake, I own B&W N805's and agree somewhat with others who have recommended this speaker. However, this speaker is very revealing of the electronics ahead of it. I am not familiar with your Marantz receiver so I cannot say how they will match. You will learn a lot about your receiver with this speaker, that is for sure. My gut feeling is that you may find the DM602's a better match for a lot less money.
If you're not committed to spending an enormous amount of money, like a lot of audiophiles, I'd also recommend the Sound Dynamics RTS-3. There was quite a bit of fuss a year ago or so, and it was true! For just under $300 new (, these can't be beat. Now, they really operate best when used with stands, and, since they have a rear port, they might get a little boomy on a bookshelf, but small speakers should really never be placed on a closed-in bookshelf. You could even place them on milk-crates, if you don't want to spend the money on stands. Anyway, for their price, they can't be beat. In fact, they are far better than most speakers up to 5-times their price.
Try something from the Totem line. I also would recommend the B&W 805.
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