bookshelf speaker recommendation with Creek & Arcam

Hi all,
Looking for some recommendations on bookshelf speakers (or small towers) that would go well with a Creek Destiny integrated, Arcam CD192. Cables are DH Labs Silver Sonic Q-10’s and Air Matrix interconnects. My room dimensions are 11x14. Current speakers are Vandersteen 2c’s, but they are a bit too much for the size of this room. I listen to mostly pop/rock music, with the occasional classical and new age/atmospheric CD. As for pricing, I’d like to stay in the $500 range if possible. New or Used is fine, but I figure Used might be a better bang-for-the-buck.


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I second Rega bookshelves - incredible clear midrange, but no impactful bass. I have had the rs5 in the past.
I don't know about the creek integrated - but if you like warmer speakers or you think the creek would be best with such speakers, I can recommend the wharfedale Denton, $500 new on discount. great for near-field, great imaging, never harsh, laid-back, very smooth, very pleasant and musical, good dynamics. Incredible finish and cabinet construction, high-quality binding posts. But they lack the details that a 3k speaker would offer, but they hold their own next to the regas or my totem hawks.
The Elac ub 5 is another $500 gem that has been talked about a lot (never heard them). I am sure would be more neutral than the denton.  But I doubt the cabinetry is in par with the dentons.