I’ve set up an additional music system in a spare bedroom, small with wall to wall carpeting.  My current system, all purchased used  on Audiogon or AudioMart, consists of a Hegel 590 integrated amp, an Ayre C-5 Universal CD player, Synergistic interconnects ,Nordost Heimdall speaker cables and Synergistic Research and Shunyata power products.  Currently I’m feeding the cables into a Tannoy D-100 monitor I purchased 30 years ago and which sat in the garage for the last 20 years. It sounds pretty darn good but of course, the bass could be better, the limitation of small speakers.  But as technology for small monitor speakers has advanced over 30 years, I’m looking for recommendations for monitors that sound great but give a little more bass.   I’ve been looking at the Totem Signature One and the Dynaudio 40 Anniversary models, based on reviews.  But I’d very much like to hear the recommendations of this experienced group.  Thanks, appreciate it.


Agree on the Fritz line.  I have a few years old pair of Rev 5’s and they're great speakers.  No need for a sub here.

I’ll always recommend the Philharmonic Audio BMR Monitor. They are excellent and dig very low. 

The small subwoofer just might be the most cost effective option.

I own Frtiz Carbon 7se MKII which are wonderful and provide good bottom end for a stand mount. 

I would also be tempted to try the Falcon Acoustics Q7 at the price mentioned by yogiboy.