Bookshelf Speaker for Home Theater

I had a 8ft closet that was turned into a home theater cabinet I have a 43in plasma in the middle. I am looking for AV rec. and bookshelve speakers and sub . I am about 7ft from the screen. the room is long 18ft. Looking for something that will WOW me. I have a seperate 2 channel system so this would be for HT mostly. Thanks
B&W Sig 805's
Try a HT package from Source Technologies, John, the owner/designer also designed the Harmonic Recovery System that get so many great reviews.
I listened to a number of smaller speakers that due to WAF needed to literally fit on a bookshelf. I settled on Snell K.5mkII's which were head and shoulders above others (various well reviewed PSB models in particular) that I heard in terms of clarity and transparency. May be work a listen.
ProAc Tablette Reference 8 Signatures would be my first recommendation. Totem Model 1, Thiel SCS3, and Induction Dynamics S2 are also quite good.

Totem Model 1's are lacking detail, but smooth. Thiel SCS3's are a bit soft for the Theil line, but also smooth. I like the B&W 805 matrix used with good set up and acoustical considerations, for cheep used(around $750/pr). These also have a matching center as well. I like the B&W's the best here, and have sold all on a retail level.Not much better at this price used.
Others to considered are the more flexible, yet room set up friendly Dunlavy SCIAV's, which are better suited HT speakers for most applications. Also, Other higher end Dappolito deisngs.
Otherwise, with standard bookshelf speakers, look at some of the $2k or better designs, like Revel F20's, and others at that price. Good luck
I use 5 X Diapason Karis and a REL Strata in a small room. Not THX certified, but sounds good enough for my ears ;-)

If I were to do it again, I would probably use Maggies
I used to own a pair of maggies 1Ds a long time ago loved them but did not have space for them. Does anybody out there heard the small maggies for HT or the Revels but which AV Rec. would you use. Thanks Steve