bookshelf speaker

Best suggestions for a bookshelf/monitor speaker for blues, light rock, with a small room? I live in a very underdeveloped area for quality components thus buying sight/sound unseen or heard. I do need help...

I really do not intend to a pain ...

Beyond price, what amp and source do you intend to be using with the speakers. Also, what attributes are you looking for in a speaker. In addition, where do you intend to place these speakers (shelf, stands, near a wall, away from wall???). Listening levels? Basically, need info to start narrowing things down.
$2000 or less; stands near a wall; moderate to low listening levels; 55wpc older NAD A/V; only use stereo, not HT. I hope this helps to narrow things ... Thank you for your help.
Earthquake for $2k you could easily get floor standers if desired? if you really want bookshelves that budget will really buy you some nice ones. I had some thoughts but I notice that you want them by the wall so my ideas blow. Looks like front ported quality bookshelves? I would not worry too much about the sight unseen aspect. Good stuff my not sound exactly as you want on some material but be perfect on others, even within the same genre.
Proac make outstanding bookshelf speakers from their 'tablets' to the d2.
Worth checking out.
You might want to check out the Spendor SA1.