Bookshelf sized-cost no object

I'm looking for a bookshelf sized speaker for home office. Cost no object. 2 channel now possibly expand to multi DVD-audio or SACD.

Any suggestions? Thanks
I've listened to the Red Rose #3 and was very impressed. It has bass like no speaker that size should. Combined with the articulation of the ribbon tweeter this speaker presented a soundstage like a far larger (and perhaps more expensive) speaker. It isn't cheap, $3500, but there are some far more expensive bookshelf speakers. I've heard many more expensive, but I haven't heard any that I personally enjoyed more. I would also recommend a tube amp with these speakers--it's really a nice combination with the ribbon tweeter.
The Legend monitors impressed me and many others quite a bit at the home entertainment show in NYC. Also outstanding are the Talon Khites, Tyler monitors, Merlin TSM, and the ATC SCM20. None of these are cheap(they run from $2500 to $4000/pr.) but they represent some of the best monitors available today. They are also very different so personal taste would need to dictate as usual. Best of luck.

Take a listen to the Revel M20 speakers. They really hit the mark with these speakers. I didn't get an oppportunity to listen in a "bookshelf" setup. The audition I did was in a listening room, but even if they only perform 1/2 as well in a bookshelf, I still say you can't go wrong.
In addition to the choices above (of which I have only heard the Red Rose #3...WOW!), listen to ProAc Response 1sc ($2000), Joseph rm7si ($1800), and the MBL 311D ($4000).
Before you make any decision, listen to the Dynaudio 1.3 SE Mk.II ($3,500 new). I haven't heard the Red Rose #3, but the Dynaudio beats most of the larger size speakers I've heard that cost almost twice as much..
I believe one of the B&W Signature Series is that size.
Which amp are you using, and which type if music do you listen to mostly?
If you can find it try and audition the Piega P2ltd. Very refined.
Have a listen to the Dynaudio 1.3SE, Sonus Faber Guanari (sp) Homage and the Krell LAT 2. They are all exceptional small speakers and personally I feel the the 1.3SE is the best value of the bunch but if cost is no object...
Throw in my vote for the Proac 1SC. They were incredible for their size, especially when driven by all tube gear.
Try the ProAc Tablette 2000 Signatures. Same appointments as their 1SC, i.e. same tweeters and mitchell binding posts but with slightly larger woofers and larger premium finished cabinets. Best of all, the price is lower @ $1,700 than the 1SC but who cares, right? A hidden gem.
Whatever speakers you decide on make sure you use good stands. No bookshelf speaker sounds as good as it can without them. As far as what speaker to get I like the Proac 1sc's and Tablette 50 signatures (older model of tabs). Also, the Audio Physic Steps are pretty good.
Also, instead of the Dynaudio Contour 1.3, look at the Dynaudio Confidence 3. Very nice, sounds amazing...cost no object price.