bookshelf in a bookshelf?

Hey everyone,

I picked up a new pair of paradigm atoms and was planning on wall-mounting them until yesterday. I changed my mind where to put them and now I would rather not wall mount them.

I thought I read somewhere once that bookshelves provide excellent sonics for.. bookshelf speakers. Given I would have the back of the bookshelf open and a couple feet from the back wall, I am wondering if this would indeed be a good way to go. It would actually be cheaper than stands and a couple bookshelves would be nice at my sited location as well...

Thanks for the input.
I have a pr. of Tannoy Fusion 1's on a bookshelf in my daughters room and they sound just fine. Bill
Bookshelves are usually about as bad a home for speakers as you can find due to proximity to the wall (among other reasons).

Other than some on-wall designs (which should be ok), there are a few speakers which were designed for bookshelf use.

The old Linn Kann, Wilson Duette, and NHT -can't recall the model name- are specifically designed for close to wall placement.

Some studio monitors (I'm thinking Lipinski) will offer a mixed bag - plus in bass reinforcement, minus in imaging - and might be good options

However, If you like dramatic imaging, stick to stands.

The issue is edge diffraction => claustrophobic sound. You must stay away from any sharp edges close to the edge of the speaker baffle. Ideally you should build them into the bookshelves with a picture frame around the speaker baffle and pack the gap around the speaker with acoustic damping material.
I have bookshelf placement with two of my systems. Not perfect, but not bad either. Start with speakers that are acoustic suspension, sealed box, or front ported for best success. The set-up will sound good, you just won't get things like great soundstage, etc.


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Hmm, ok, good to know. Looks like I will be sticking to a stand.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.
Hey... just wondering... what should I look for in a speaker stand? I'm on a budget, so I'm wondering if I should just go to target and pick up some generic stands or if it would be worth it to buy something a bit more expensive.

Thanks again.
Shadorne is right, can use these.
Rigidity, stability, mass/weight are only few features to consider when shopping for speaker stands. Try....AudioAdviser something like these or MusicDirect,...... sometimes they have few stands on clearance or as a demo.
Good luck
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Thanks for the sites guys... lots of options... any recommends/words of advice for something I should be looking for?

Should I buy whatever stand holds the most weight that I can afford?