Bookshelf Help: Revel v. Merlin v. SFaber v Vienna

It's not easy for me to listen to these speakers from where I'm currently located, so I figured I'd try to solicit some help from those more knowledgeable. The speakers I were considering:

1.Revel M20
2.Merlin TSM-M
3.Sonus Faber Concertino Domus/Home
4.Vienna Acoustics Haydn (admittedly, I know very little about this company)

I've done searches (there are a good deal of posts between Revel and Merlin with what equal amounts of praise for both. there are also a good deal of posts between Vienna and Sonus Faber with people apparently leaning toward the Vienna's) but am having trouble compiling all the information. First things first, a little about myself, my computer is my source and while I have a good deal of lossless music, I also have a fair amount of music with standard kbps (192-256). My understanding is that the Revel and Merlin might be very revealing of that. While I appreciate neutrality and honesty greatly, I also have a preference toward warmth and smoothness. Some things to consider, a speaker that is a little forgiving of placement (not a huge factor) is preferred and I listen to every type of music. I already know that the Revel's have much better bass than the Merlin's while the Merlin's might be a tad brighter. Synergy is important, so another thing worth noting is that I use a Classe integrated amp.

The most important aspect for me is that I want the speakers to be "musical." I worry if something is too analytical that it will not be good for me. This post isn't about which is "better" as I'm sure they're all fantastic and I probably couldn't lose going with any of them, but I'm trying to perhaps find one that might fit me better.
look at my response on audioasylum.
Hi, perhaps it's the Sonus Faber Auditor Elipsa you should be looking at instead of the Domus? It would seem to fit your sonic description and certainly is a speaker I'd call forgiving with regard to placement, though it feels finer near a wall (deep bass is, understandably, not its main forte; beautiful voices are). I haven't heard the speaker in my own home, but we carried it around the dealer's place to experiment and even sitting in a corner it seemed in control.
I own the Merlin TSM-Mxe's and I would never characterize them as bright. They are magically smooth and coherent. Once properly placed they throw a deep and wide sound stage that's so 3D it's scary. The bass is abundant (within its range and for such a small driver) and phenomenally articulate.
first the disclaimer: I own both the latest generation VSM and TSM speakers.
Being a musician, I use these speakers for work. Beside that, I enjoy the TSM together with the Berning ZH270 more than I would ever have said it about the SF Guarneri, which used to be in my studio before.
You can do a lot with these speakers, they actually react to your equipment. Try it.
Sonus Faber is not a speaker it is a beautiful cabinet randomly filled with drivers and that is how it sounds.
I have the Merlin TSM-MMe-s and they're excellent. They are sensitive to placement and, optimally, your seating position should be least 9 feet back. Merlin provides a set-up jig that helps get the toe-in correct and I have found that they sound best - in my set up - slightly tilted back. One advantage of the Merlins - depending on the size of your room - is that they are a sealed design and, therefore, may be less boomy and easier to integrate to your room than ported designs. Also, the Merlins like tubes and I believe user opinions are more varied from those using ss.

Another speaker I have experience with is the Tyler Acoustics Taylo monitor, which is also an excellent option to consider.
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the responses and I took them all into consideration. I've already found my speaker of choice and I'm pretty happy. I realized I wanted an accurate speaker after all and it essentially came down to the Revel's and Merlin's. Both were no-lose situations
So what did you end up with?
I ended up with the Revel's because Merlin TSM-M's are very hard to find and the Mme/Mxe models are out of my current price range. When (if) I finally decide to upgrade my system in 3-5 years, the VSM's are going to go under consideration