Bookshelf Bake Off

Fellow Audiogoners,

Lend me your ears.  I live on a farm in South Georgia and have a 3+ hour drive in any direction to audition anything.  The price I pay for land, peace and horses I suppose.  I am putting together a secondary system and can't audition everything I have interest in, so I am hoping you can help me shorten the short list to a manageable set of maybe three (two would be even better) auditions for bookshelf speakers. They will be driven by 2 x PS Audio M700 Monoblocks, Schiit Freya+ tube preamp and a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+.  The space is fairly small at approx. 10'x20'.  For a number of reasons, floorstanders are not a possibility, hence the call for bookshelf speakers.  I would like to keep the budget in the $2K range, +/- a reasonable %.  I am not someone that feels the need to max the budget, i.e. linear correlation of price and quality, so feel free to suggest high value brands/models less than the max budget.  I have a pair of Focal Aria 906 in another system and very much like their sound, but want something a bit warmer with similar (or better) resolution.  Deeper low frequency extension would be a plus.  The brands I have narrowed the field to are:

Monitor Audio
Sonus Fabre

This list is not written in stone, just my initial list after research.  Feel free to suggest anything I have omitted that warrants consideration.  Thanks in advance for your ears.


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if you want to stay closer to budget, I think the Fritz Carbon 7's may be the ones to try.

Your question can not be answered, because only you can discover the answer by trying speakers for yourself. One speaker great in one system may not work in yours. Find an online retailer that has a thirty day return policy.

Too many variables.

The irony also is,,, You may try a pair of speakers that would be perfect for your room.  But because they were not set up correctly you'll never know.  Too many variables...

From north Georgia,  Gene
I second Philharmonic speakers outstanding sound at affordable prices. Dennis makes great speakers.