bookself for Krell 300i?

hi... I'm looking for a pair of bookself speaker for my 300i.... speakers on my audition list are: dynaudio contour 1.1 acoutik-lab bolero platinum solo nht 1.5 totem (don't know the model name) how do these speakers match with 300i? are there other speakers i should audition? thank you...
A friend of mine tried the 300i with his Totem Model One Signatures and did not like the match at all. I have Model Ones as well and found it to be a tricky speaker to match an amp with (Tried with Classe with no luck, settled with Sim Audio Moon I-5). I have heard some Krell gear hooked up to ProAc speakers which sounded pretty good.
I also have the krell 300i. I demoed it with the Totem Ones and it was a very bad match, harsh, bright and lean. I listened to the Kell with Platinum Trios (floorstanding). They were much better, but I would be leary of Platinum because I think they went out of business. Another bad match was with the loved Joseph Audios. Stay away. I ended up with Aerial Acoustics Model 6s.They are great with the Krell. You might want to try their monitors. I think the Dynaudios might be a good match, but I havnt' heard their monitors. Cables, interconnects and speaker placement will be important. If you have any questions, email me.
The best local shop here carries Krell and Dynaudio and heartily endorses the combination. I had a pair of the 1.1's for a week at home connected to the Krell KAV-500 - I thought they sounded great.
I auditioned the 300i with Dynaudio's and didn't like at all. I thought the sound was bright and thin. At the same dealer's I listened with the B&W Nautilus 805. Excellent combo. Really amazing. I don't like the look of the 805s so I eventually bought Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Pianos, which are floor standing. Before I got the Sonus Fabers, I had the 300i at home, hooked up to B&W DM 602s. Low priced, but they sounded nice for what they are. I also had the 300i connected, for a short time, to an old pair of B&W Matrix 802s. Fairly large floor standing. Sounded good. So, based on my experience, try the B&W Nautilus 805. Sonus Faber makes a bookshelf called the Concerto. If you try those, let me know what you think. There you have it, my experience with the 300i and several speakers. Good luck.
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