book speaker against the wall

I am looking at buying bookspeakers for my office. Office size is about 15 by 18 feet, with windows all around. I would like to find speakers that can be placed against the wall, or are made to be placed against the wall, about 5 feet high.
My budget is around $600/700 used.
they will be powered by Yamaha M-60 totaly rebuild, and I will listen to cd/HD music only.
Thank you for your input.
REGA RS1 or its predessor R1
REGA R1 - A new budget reference

These are designed for available placement against a wall

".....The Rega R1 becomes my new budget reference speaker. In addition of its ability to get the fundamentals of music right, it adds clarity and resolution, and an ability to lay out a vivid and coherent 3-dimensional stereo image. In small room applications, what more could you want?...."

highly recommended
I used to have a pair of B&W LM-1's that were pretty good. The base could be set in 2 positions. One way was under the speakers, so they could be placed on a table or shelf, or behind the speaker, so it could be mounted on a wall. They also made the same speaker in a flat version that could be hung like a picture on a wall.
Active nearfield monitors are your best bet.
Audio note AX-2
"Active nearfield monitors are your best bet."

Why would putting an amplifier inside a speaker make it any better suited to be placed on a bookshelf?
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Do this they will sound like crap.Enjoy!!
"10-04-15: Bob_reynolds
The majority of active studio monitors have boundary controls which make them well suited to wall or desktop placement."

Can you give me an actual example of a monitor with boundary controls? I have a few pairs of active studio monitors and I don't recall any of them having that feature. Is there another name for it?
My NHT M00s have a near field vs mid field control,
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There is a pair of Spica TC-50's listed here for $395. They are a sealed design and should fit the bill ! My friend had them years ago and they sounded pretty damn good !