Bonus Rega 301 arm on Thorens TD 2030

So I picked up one of the Thorens Acrylic Series turntables on closeout from Audio Advisor, and am digging it quite a bit. Everything that I read said that it came with a Rega 300 arm, so in looking at it and wondering if a part was missing or something (since it didn't look like the pictured arm in the manual). So I gave it a look, and it's an RB 301. Must have been a running change by Thorens.

At any rate, I'm running it with a Grado Reference Sonata and Grado PH-1 phono stage. Anything I should know about this arm? I'm not a tweak kinda guy, but if there is commonly known stuff that I should be doing, I figure someone here would know.

As a 301 instead of a 300, it is the latest version of the arm. Whether that makes it better, I don't know but you can feel good knowing it is the current model.. a good value table/arm combo no doubt.
Actually, the 303 found on the RP3 and 6 is the latest version of the arm.
Sorry Doug, I guess I'm a bit behind.
From research I did when I had a Rega Arm, there seems to be a good amount of tweaks available. Rewiring is a fairly common one, via Origin Live for example. Pete Riggle's VTAF for easily adjusting VTA is another well-regarded tweak, as are upgraded counterweights that Riggle and others offer.
I use the Raga 301 with the Thorens 160 S in my second system (testing MM carts). The only difference with the 300 is the base . Rewiring is an must and easy to do (your self) because of the arm-construction. Ie easy acces to the
tubewand. If you use different carts VTA adjuster can also
be recommended. The other 'tweaks' are 'luxure' in my opinion. Besides you can then buy a better arm for the money. So I agree only conditionaly with Roscoeiii.

Thanks, everyone. What's this tracking force spring business? The skeptic in me says it's voodoo.
Kevvwll, The 'spring buseness' make the tonearm 'dynamic' in opposition to 'static'. The advantage seems to be a better handling of 'warps' on the LP's. The disadvantage is
the 'added' resonances of the spring. This issue is discussed to 'death' in the context of the FR-64/66 S tonearms.
You can adjust the VTF to zero and then adjust the VTF with the counterweight and digital skale. However if the spring is 'loaded' with grease the dynamic adjustment should be prefered. Anyway that is how I and other use the FR-64/66 tonearms.