bone head move?

I was redoing my basement/family room last year so I cleared out the contents including my 600 albums.
I finally finished the room and my stereo is back in place.

When I was emptying the room I had placed the albums in 4 foot high stacks on my garage work bench. Now I'm thinking about this and I wonder if I ruined some of the albums. Albums are plastic, which can deform, and a 4 foot high stack of albums is quite heavy.
Even of the stacks are not titled - wondering if all the weight could compress the grooves on the albums closer to the bottom????

I have not played any of these albums BUT just wondering if I did a real bone head move here????

I'll have to spin some of these LPs and find out I guess.
Albums should be stored vertically.

What period of time were they stored? Also how hot was the storage area?
Hi Pd, To answer your actual question asked, bluntly in a yes or no,...: Yes, a bone head move:) Most here can understand that type of situation you were in at the time. I would very highly doubt that any type of groove damage would have occurred as the jackets would provide protection, anyway. I much respect that you have the guts to share that you are human amongst the audiophiles, here. Not sure which is worse. Just try the bottom LP's. They will be fine.
A member here does a very humanitarian volunteer LP rescue. You send them and only pay shipping charges. Sometimes a very small monthly cartridge feeding fee. She goes by the member name of Elizabeth. HA!!! Luv ya' Liz :)
Yes, they probably are severely my experience anyways.
My guess is NO DAMAGE, more resilient than you think.