Bolting speaker with stand


I recently purchased a pair of KEF REFERENCE 1 with stands.

When assembling the speaker with its stand, the right channel is fine, but the left channel speaker cannot be bolted with the stand. Please refer to this video for more information:

The customer service just told me to remove the rubber feet. It does not sound right to me. Moreover, this will require me to remove the rubber feet on the right speaker as well. I expect something for this price to have a consistent quality. The two speakers do not have the same quality.

Anyway, any suggestion to this situation? Thanks in advance.
Your video doesn’t really explain much. Are the screws too short? Without the stand will they screw into speaker? Are there threaded inserts on the right speaker and not on the left? There’s obviously a difference between the two speakers, you should be able to discern what the difference is between the two and explain that to KEF. 
The screws are not too short. They have the same length as the right speaker's screws and I can tighten the left speaker screws on the right speaker.

Without the stands, yes, they will screw into the speaker. Yes, there are threads inserted in the left speaker, but they are too deep.

And, yes, I explained these to KEF. They told me to remove the feet, which does not sound right to me. It is annoying that the quality is inconsistent for such an expensive product.

Thanks for responding.
These are not inexpensive speakers, if purchased new I’d simply return them. It sounds like the threaded inserts are too deep on the left speaker. The other option is to source some longer screws. Good luck.
Yeah, I thought about returning them, but KEF told me it is a custom order and cannot be returned. Moreover they have been ignoring my emails, which is very very frustrating.
Could it be that the speakers are meant to have the rubber feet removed prior to installing the stands? Those are pretty short screws, how many threads engage when mounting the right speaker? Why don’t you try contacting a dealer and ask about the stands.
per crn i'd just get longer screws--they look like pretty standard allen machine screws. agree the originals should've fit, but this seems like a small deal in the scheme of things.
I looked at the instruction manual for the stands and although kind of vague the drawings don’t show the rubber feet. 
@stereo5 That’s what the KEF customer service said. I ordered them from a local dealer. Maybe that’s why. Moreover, I made a small scratch at the bottom of the left speaker during the extra investigations I had to do. KEF probably would not take them back.

@loomisjohnson yes, that is what I am trying to do now. What annoys me even more is: KEF does not even answer my question about getting longer screws, and their spec. KEF literally has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

@crn3371 Right. The drawing did not show the rubber feet, but he manual did not show instructions about removing the rubber feet either. No matter what, the quality of these speakers should be consistent and the KEF customer service is terrible.

Thanks for all the responses.
If the speakers were meant to have the rubber feet remain then your argument is valid. If KEF’s intent was for the feet to be removed than it’s just an issue of manufacturing tolerances. If KEF says to remove the feet perhaps that’s the solution. You haven’t answered how much thread engagement you got on the right speaker, I’m guessing not much based on the length of those screws.
There are about 1/8 left on the right speaker and I am trying to get screws that are 1/8 longer than the original ones.

I am fine with removing the rubber feet if they were mentioned in the manual in the first place, and if it was required for both speakers. KEF telling me to remove the rubber feet sounds having this issue sounds like it is a workaround.

"...KEF telling me to remove the rubber feet sounds having this issue sounds like it is a workaround..."

Or the correct way to mount them....
The fact the you’re getting so little thread contact on the right speaker tells me that feet are meant to be off.