Bogus tubes from WI WI tubes?

I would like to get your opinion on whether or not these particular tubes from WI WI tubes out of China are fakes or are the real deal. The tubes in question are the E88CC/6922 Amperex/USA @ $20.00 per tubes. Yeah $20/tube. Seems ridiculously low and given the reputation China has for cloned and forged goods, not saying all products from there, but most of you are aware of the reputation for less than par product. Here is the link. Hopefully someone can tell from the picture if they are indeed the real thing.

Feedback would be appreciated. thanks
Fake. No question. One does not even have to go check them out. The ARE fake.
#1 They are from CHINA.. As if China has them to give away.. No one is selling real stuff for that sort of price. So right off you KNOW they are fake.
Wishful thinking is NOT going to make them real.
If you believe otherwise. I have stock in a NYC bridge you can buy cheap...
From what I scanned, the pictures are genuine vintage tubes. Many of these would hardly be worth forging anyways. Not that it's saying much -- pictures are easily sourced on the internet. No way to tell what quality of tube you'll actually receive, without trustworthy references/reviews.

When going "cheap" -- especially when buying from China -- don't spend anything you wouldn't mind losing. This often defeats the purpose of going cheap, unless you want to test the waters for a subsequent larger purchase, or the price differential of alternatives is truly egregious.
BTW, those bargains are not "premium" tubes by a longshot. Not all Amperex makes/vintages are created equal, etc. This adds a good dose of believability to the few listed prices. Certainly cheaper than a trusted domestic tube dealer, but quite believable for a Chinese dealer with lax/poor screening.
Years ago, the Amperex brand went through changes. Amperex is now owned by Richardson. Some of their tubes were Sylvania made, and branded Amperex. I believe Richardson also put the Amperex label on tubes made by other companies, and branded/boxed them as Amperex. So there are Amperex tubes out there that are made by other companies, that had no ties to the real Amperex original tubes that were Made in Holland, that are well liked.
In addition to my prior post, here is some more info on the changes Amperex went through.