Bogen, Atlas, Apogee and High End Brands

Hi. Does anyone have any connections with Bogen, Atlas Sound, Apogee, or other high end / exclusive brand Audio/Visual and communications equipment?  These brands are superb in quality, but hard to come by.  Looking for any discussion involving these and other similar brands.  Thanks!

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Can you clarify 'connnections'?

In my understanding, for instance, John Rutan is owner of AudioConnection store in Verona NJ. He's also got 'connections' with Ray Kimber and Richard Vandersteen which I apparently do not have with neither.

Recently I had a Cary Audio company tour. They're open to general public to walk in and see what's around. Great atmosphere, great and polite folks. I will probably establish my 'connection' there if they're interested in hiring me part-time for equipment repairs or assembly.

In my past journeys into high definition audio world, I was learning how Soviet amp Amphiton was designed by Vladimir Shushurin(now Lamm) so tiny-little 'connection' there. His "Lamm Industries" is just tiny home business in Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn populated by large Russian community where he assembles his units and sells.

Another my direct connection is with one of the prior designers of Gemini electronics also Russian engineer Alex Lipovetsky.

I guess I mean connection more along the lines of do you use Bogen, Atlas, or other similar brands? What are your experiences with them?  Where did you purchase them? etc. Does that make sense?

I actually have a connection to a local Bogen dealer in Virginia, but I am looking more for user experience and even user need.  I sometimes come across new or refurbished items from these and other similar companies that I could sell, and similarly I am sometimes looking to purchase these types of items.

I hope this clarified my other post.  Thanks for the reply!
Not sure what Bogen now, but had serviced lots of units of the past down to 50's tube ones. They once were budget oriented tube electronics. They sound like budget ones as well. I usually purchased them for free at dumpster, restored them and sold them for cheap.
Bogen is actually a very high end, expensive, and harder to come by brand.  They are a small company with great products.  They are popular in government buildings, schools, hospitals, and such.  They do more than audio, a lot of visual, security systems, clock systems for large buildings (master clocks), and things like that. 

Are you referring to this Bogen:

And this Atlas Sound:

If so, sounds like you have a fetish for public address systems.  Enjoy.