Bogdan,Pure Silver Sound, RS-IC's SHOOT OUT??

has anyone done a 'side by side" listen to any of these cables???? I am confused as to which IC's I should really consider. the only way I can judge is the feedback I get from those of you who are familiar with these cables an have heard them....thank's in advance for any wisdom you all might offer.....chatty
I don't have any experience with the cables you mention, but you should also consider the Pure Note Epsilon interconnects. They offer an audition period, so trying them is a no risk proposition.
Is RS Ridge Street? If so, you should definitely try them out. It is a neutral, detailed but not in your face silver IC with great transparency and soundstaging. Very extended cable too. It's funny, I tried the Pure Note, again another beautiful sounding cable. Does everything right. Timbre to die for (so is the RS). It brings you closer to the stage than the Ridge Street, which, is why I eventually returned the Pure Note as it was too much in my small listening room. I thought I was done with silver, I figured I had a SS system in a small room, no way silver could work out for me. Then, I saw the RS ad, e-mailed back and forth with Robert and he basically said give them a try, if you don't like'em return them. Well, I did and I kept them. I'm happy. So, in a nutshell, both the PN and the RS are great cables, with the RS being more relaxed than the PN. Which is better for you? Only you know.

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i swapped out all of my cables (straightwire/alpha core,transparent) with new bogdan silver cables. I did some comparisons against nordost red dawn, audioquest, analysis plus, cardas, and my cables mentioned above and i liked the bogdan cables the best.
I'm assuming you mean the RS Audio Cables solid silver's versus the Bogdan's?? I considered both of these also and chose the RS interconnects based solely on the fact that they offer a 30 day trial period. When I emailed Ben at Bogdan, he basically said if I didn't like his cables, there was was no way to return them - a big turnoff.

By the way, I never did return the RS Audio Cables. I think they're terrific, although admittadly this was my first foray into silver...
Want to save up for the speaker cables next!
Does anyone have experience with Bogdan's new Silver Spirit interconnects? What are they comparable to? AZ Silver Matrix comparisons?