Hi all
I'm seriously considering purchasing the Boenicke W11 SE+ but I'm unable to demo & only have info from reviews I've read.

Are there any Boenicke owners on here who can provide their opinions...?


I have the W 11 in my middle sized 4 * 7 meter under the roof room, it sound very good, the speakers disappears to build and real soundstage.
I confirm they are power hungry, i first had a Gryphon Diablo 250 and it went to overheat after less than 10 hours of normal volume, around 70db,  playing. It even burned the fuse once.
I have now a Mc462 with 2*450 watt and it work terrific, and it's not oversized at all, that's what they want...

I just heard the w5s at Park Ave Audio in NYC  and was blown away by the sound stage and musicality. Andrew (the sales consultant) was sold on them and he’s a n audio nerd. Fantastic speakers driven by Hegel 590. Amazing sound. Imaging and ability to fill the room blew me away. I definitely want a pair. , just need to save, they are not inexpensive and like power.  

I'm spoiled now.. and can’t go back.

It appears some of you were replying to "@boenicke_audio" but I can't see any posts from him, did the mods actually remove his posts?? Wow...