Bobo stensons Cantando

Anybody enjoying this offering as much as i am.Man talk about a great recording,Ect.I think its probably the best i have...highly recomended if you value (ecm)recording.Talk about your imaging and transparency!
The best trio I've heard in a long time.
Most of Bobo Stenson's is great stuff.
I can also recommend:

Manu Katche - Playground ECM
Marcin Wasilewski, Slawomir Kurkiewics, Michal Miskiewics - TRIO ECM

Both of these are great tto listen to and have stunning recordings, IMHO.
One of the best piano trios I've heard in awhile. Jon Fait on drums is a revelation. All Stenson's trio recordings on ECM are fantastic. Stenson is always intellectually engaging. Also check out Stenson on Martin Speake's album "Change of Heart". While I'm thinking of it, Marilyn Crispell's piano trio work on ECM with Paul Motian and Gary Peacock is wonderful too. Enjoy
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