Bobby Bare

Not sure who might look at this, but I somehow picked up his newest recording, Darker Than Light, and its a classic, so great, a great singer, a great interpreter, and a great sounding CD. I have 5As and this recording shows what they can do, great bottom end, wonderful sounds all around. If you like Merle, Cash, Jones, you will love this.
Thanks for the recommendation. Bare has made a lot of great music, I'm partial to his Drunk & Crazy period from the early 80s, really funny stuff and good country rock to boot.

I thought his last album showed his voice to be on the decline and didn't really care for it. How does "Darker Than Light" compare?
Hi Tomcy6,

I think his voice is strong and deep on this recording. I haven't heard his previous release so can;t comment, but there is no hint of a voice in decline on this one. I wish there were a way to let you hear this so you could judge for your self.

Thanks Richard, I'll check it out.