Bob Seger live albums

Family debate

Need to pole my Seger fans.

Live bullet  OR nine tonight ??

Your fav and why


Live Bullet- Bob Seger vocally in his prime and the Silver Bullet Band had an edgier harder rock sound. I do enjoy the more mainstream songs performed live, only "Let It Rock" are on both albums with the "Live Bullet" version being superior.

Second vote for Live Bullet, thank you, Just added to my weekend playlist 

I grew up in Detroit.  Seeger actually played at a Bar Mitzvah I attended as a 13 year old when he and his band were at a low point.  A few years later after still failing to catch on nationally he released Live Bullet.  To me the vibe of this album was that he wanted an album that would maximize his local popularity, thus all the “Hey Deetroit “ references..  Naturally, an album meant to grow his local following was his big international breakthrough