bob marley songs of freedom box set

Can anyone tell me if the songs of freedom box set is recorded well, I have had bad luck with some bob marley cds being hard to listen to because of the quality of the recordings, thanks
Its a mix of songs already recorded. The mastering in this set is OK but not exceptional. The actual sound quality will vary track to track from below average to pretty good. Par for the course with Marley's material the recording quality of which over the year's varies greatly.

All in all its a great collection of Marley material and well worth having for even a casual Marley fan.

The best Marley CD I have heard including overall sound quality is "Catch a Fire", which I would consider to be practically perfect in every way.
Early stuff on Disc 1 is my favorite.
I think Songs of freedom is really good, not too compressed. His remasters are also quite good I think. I have Rastaman Vibrations and Exodus and think they are both very good. I think you have to go with the official releases like the two above plus Catch a Fire (those put out when he was still with us). He has a lot out there and some is lower quality cashing out.
Stay away from others have stated...remasters series is very good...catch fire deluxe and uprising really shine