Bob Marley on vinyl?

Has anybody had a great musical experience with the newer Bob Marley vinyl reissues?
The "one" to buy in my estimation is the German manufactured Box Set from 1982. There's been a fair amount written about it- it was produced by Island a year after Bob's death and omits one album that was released posthumously but it compares very favorably to the early Island UK pink rims, is quieter than any of them and can be found if you look, for not crazy money. It comes with a book and a certificate, so make sure you get the complete set if you are paying the tariff~ 
it is BMSP100 if you look in Discogs or elsewhere online. Like many boxed sets, these were often bought as keepsakes or gifts and many times never or rarely played. (I had the same experience in buying a Beatles BC-13 UK Blue Box- most of the records looked like they had never been removed from their inner sleeves).
I can't comment on the sonics of the newer reissues. Good hunting!
Sam here and new vinyl cut from the digital master is nothing more than a digital cd! You must make sure the vinyl is cut straight from the analog master tape and not a digital copy of the analog master. listen to the remastered digital download of bob marleys slave driver from the catch a fire album (1973) Where i removed the dynamic compression for the loudness wars and removed the dirty EMF (dirty electricity) using a shungite stone placed on my circuit breaker box. Tell me this doesn't sound like the finest analog vinyl