Bob Ludwig - masters / remasters

Any recomendations for Bob Ludwig mastered or remastered CD's. Only those that are currently available retail (no desire to hunt down hard to find items). Also - best (least compressed ) CD versions of Zeppelin (heard that the Page remastered box set from the 90's stood out but interested in recomendations)

If you poke around on,
you'll quickly find exhaustive discussions of Led Zep releases,
along with informative information on Bob Ludwig's credits.

Good luck and happy hunting!
There is a luscious and exquisite album of solo sarod that Ludwig produced by one of the truly great master Indian musicians of all time: Ali Akbar Khan. It is called "Alap". It is up there with some of the most beautiful classical Indian performances I have ever heard. I highly recomend it.

The only problem is that it is not available on vinyl!!!!!!!
At least you're after CD's and don't have to join the small herds in going after the "hot stampers" he did.
I thought he did a good job on the Rolling Stones early releases. You can find what he has mastered on Artists Direct.