Bob Dylan: What do you folks thing about this?

I'm stumped by this one:
I've been a Dylan fan (and the proud owner of numerous bootleg lps) for what seems like forever. I can also say I've not always supported some of his musical directions. As far as the Victoria's Secret commercial goes, I was amused. There is no more sellout than the music of the Beatles, Who, Zep or others except he actually appears. All of the people up in arms just need to get over it and find something significant to bitch about.
Mt10425: you said it well. Enjoy dylan for what you get from him; forget about whatever else he has to offer.

Dylan is fantastic....he is not John Lennon!
Is it a crime to do something because it sounds like fun? I think it sounds like fun... playing your guitar surrounded by lingerie models...
I remember a radio spoof of Dylan in the 1970 time frame.
Someone (Firesign Theater?) had him selling his "Greatest Hits" album on radio.
After the pitch, he signed off with "Well, It's time for my boot-heels to be wanderin'..."
Whoaaah, no need to get defensive. I was curious as to if there was something going on that I was not aware of. This in no way takes away anything of Dylan as a musician, and to some, a phrophet. Mt10425, did I make any indication that I was bitching? Or, your response to my simple question is indicative of your personality? If so, find something else to bitch about, please.
Dylan has always ventured where no other musician would tread. From political activist to born-again christian and back. He does what he wants to do, whether his fans or record company approve or not. From folk music to folk-rock, rock, country, christian, with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Now at the age of 63 years old and looking somewhat vaudeville in appearance, he surrounds himself with young women in lingerie...

"Mothers and fathers throughout the land, don't criticize what you can't understand. Mr Dylan is beyond your command, and the old world's is rapidly changing. So get out of the new one if you can't lend a hand for the times they are a changin'."
Did I single you out in any way? I believe my response stated to "all of the people up in arms". Are you up in arms? No, then I guess it doesn't really apply to you specifically. It's not about being defensive. I really couldn't care less, but you posted the thread and asked what people thought about the article at the link. You're sarcastic question is better suited at Audio Asylum, where personal comments seem to be welcome.
Mhu take a pill! Nobody said anything that you need to get all bent out of shape about. Person problems at home???

Bob Dylan answers to no one. He does what he wants to do regardless of people whining about it. Mhu you should too.

It is his music, he has taken the heat, and continues to make what he wants to make. After all the abuse he has taken for not being this or that, or staying within the confines other have placed around him, he is and should be free to do what he wants.

To call him a 'sellout' reflects the narrow mindedness of the accuser. He does not owe me an explanation for his choices. All of us, Bob Dylan included answer only to God. Let the singer sing!

People liked him for doing what he was doing. When he changed they wanted him "to be just like them, they say 'sing while you slave' I just get bored."

Who would want a relationship where the other person never changed? Or even worse where the other person only did what you wanted??? No thanks I'll take my wife who is changing and growing, you can keep your school girl, and your boxed and wrapped Dylan!
It's amazing that we as fans feel we have the right to dictate what an artist deems fit to do with his musical output. I hate hearing Led Zep for Cadillac or The Who for Hummer, but everyone's got a right to eat and if I were an artist and Microsoft wanted to hand me a check for a million bucks to use 20 seconds of a song I wrote 30 years ago I wouldn't give a rat's ass if someone thought I was a sellout. Let them give me a check for a million bucks to keep my music out of commercials, otherwise : Shut up! Personally, I'd rather hear Dylan in his prime on some TV commercial than see him live now. This is even more true of The Olding Stones.
Hey, I figured that I could use old Bobby to convince the other half that she should get a thong and shelf bra from Victoria's. Obviously he must appreciate that type of thing as do I. He did me a big favor. Seriously, it's his life, his tunes and at least it's not political. In an election year that shows character.
Thanks for the insights on Dylan. That's more of what I was looking for. As the person starting the thread, I felt somehow inclusive in reading Mt10425's response. My apologies for the misunderstanding and unwarranted negativism.
Bob's just trying to have some fun, and believe it or not, he's also trying to figure out this existence and where he fits within it just like we are.
Bob has always had a thing for the ladies as well as a strong desire to make a buck or two, at least according to one of his biographies. More power to him if he can combine the two at his age.
Doesn't bother me one iota. He has a sense of humor and I'm glad to see it expressed here. And the fact that he always keeps his concert tickets priced so that the common person can afford to see him (usually, under $50... and I paid as little as $40 last year), means that he's not out to grab a load of cash like The Eagles, Stones, Paul Simon, et al.

He also donates royalties from "Shelter From the Storm" to the World Wildlife Fund.
My local paper reported yesterday that Victoria's Secret has a Dylan CD, remixed with additional lyrics, etc. for sale unique to their stores.
Lugnut... that's true. You can buy the CD for $10 if you also buy something at the store. The only remixed song, as far as I'm aware, is "Love Sick." And yes, it is also a longer version, but, having not yet heard it, I don't know if that means there are restored verses or just longer instrumental passages. I don't believe the other songs (which include "Boots of Spanish Leather") have been remixed at all.

If you really really want the CD w/o buying cool undies, you can buy it at the Victoria's Secret website.
Scantilly clad women frollicking around you, and getting paid for it? This is something to be concerned about?