Bob Dylan SACD- is it just me?

Listening to both redbook CD version and hybrid SACD of Bob Dylan " Love and Theft", I noticed that bass on redbook, as well as on CD layer of the Hybrid disc, is much tighter, better controlled and less bloated than on Multichannel layer of SACD. Stereo SACD layer is just slightly better than multichannel. Is that a different mix ( "more low frequency information" compounded into 2-channel mix), or what? After multiple listenings I still prefer redbook version. Other Bob Dylan's SACDs sound amazing in SACD ("Blonde on Blonde", "Freewheeling'", "Desire".
I would love to hear ypur opinions on the subject. Regards.
Maybe it's me, or my player, or just this point in time, but: I couldn't listen more than twice to this disc (redbook ver.). It wasn't Bobby, but rather the sound of the thing. Especially the first two or three tracks. Dull and lifeless. Time for a re-listen, I guess...
Hey Shasta,

If you're talking about "Love and Theft", then, yeah, listen again. It is truly brilliant.