Bob Dylan's Hifi?

Bob Dylan has expressed some strong opinions on recording techniques and audio quality. He also seems to have vast knowledge of, and good taste in American music as demonstrated on his Theme Time Radio Hour. It would be interesting to know what he uses to listen to music on. Any idea?
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Striies me as a guy who doesnt really think about it much, he hears or experiences music on a different level not worried about expensive gear.
I agree with Chadnliz. When a musician listens to music they are more concerned with phrasing, time signature, texture, message, emotional rhythm and progression, feeling. Are they moved/inspired etc. I am sure we would be surprised with simplicity of their set-ups. I envision a vintage set-up ala Sansui, Pioneer and Advents or Cerwin Vega, connected with zip wire. Like many of us they listen to the music not their equipment.

I am equally sure their are some poseurs out their who have to put on a show for people who may stop by or do an interview. They are generally the artists who are driven by other things than being a "true musician".
I imagine some relatively new components possibly mismatched with older gear, (Infinity speakers and ARC amp)all items that someone gathered for him or recommended to him. Or an all in one system like Linn or something similar.

fwiw at one time someone on Agon was selling a HQD set up supposedly owned by Chick Corea. For whatever reason, I find it believable.
I'll agree with the AR-3(A rev) but with some beefy, vintage SS....maybe some SAE or Threshold.
And VINYL......lots of VINYL spun on a Benjamin Miracord TT with a Pickering V-15 type III cart.
You do realize that his show is researched and written by other people? He just reads from a script. You or I could do his show but no one would listen because we're not famous !!! I'm not saying he doesn't know music, I'm just commenting on his show.
Most musicians use a boom box .
Tpreaves, many of Dylan's comments on his radio show are clearly not written for him. His humor for instance is clearly his own. His comments on the songs he picked for his artists choice CD are very personal, and strikingly similar to his song intros on Theme Time, as are his comments on his influences in the interview that comes with his "Biograph" recording set. So unless you have some inside information on the radio shows production, I won't assume he's sticking to a script.
A typical comment on a Stanley Brothers song from his Artists choice CD:
"...I used to have a really scratched up copy of this record; sounded like they were singing in a windstorm. Someone gave me a real clean version on CD a few years ago. I miss the wind."
You kiddin that dude's got the master tapes! Prolly uses Stax
I agree with Lewhite. Every time you see a pro musician on TV they are sitting in front of a 64 chan mixing board with a whole wall of pro gear. Probably custom stuff that noone can even buy.

FM Acoustics web site gives a list of famous people whom own their gear. I remember seeing Herbie Hancock on the list.
Likely a mono setup with some pronounced nasal coloration...
Does his stereo play on pitch? ;-)
He is so wealthy he has people who listen FOR him.
Whow i didnt know that.