Bob Dylan - new album just out on Tidal - Rough and Rowdy Ways

Just a heads up. Bob’s new album is out on Tidal today. Just finished my first listen - I am a big fan of Bob Dylan - I consider him the Poet of my generation - at 79 his lyrics tell beautiful stories - IMO. Enjoy the music.

Happy Listening!
Good information and a different perspective. Thanks, John
This is one of his best albums ever.  
The more I listen to it the more its intricacies reveal themselves.
Just love this record.  
Snackeyp - I am so glad you found this string and are enjoying Bob - as I have said earlier - he is the poet of my generation! I am a young 66 years old. For me - this is the best Benefit of using Audiogon - we all discuss equipment to the nth degree. The whole point of our hobby is to enjoy the music. Other members comments have lead me to Artists I would never find on my own - or alert me to an ‘old favorite artist ‘ so I can enjoy their ‘evolution ‘ over their career!

God Bless and Enjoy the Music!

Tom 8999