Bob Dylan MoFi

Heard from a very reliable source that Mobile fidelity Sound labs will be releasing a set of Dylan Lps in Mono in the coming months. Time to open the wallet once again. 

Geoff, if MF is saying the LP's will be mono, it's highly doubtful Modern Times will be one of them. Mono reissues are always of albums that were originally available in mono, meaning 60's releases. I wouldn't mind contemporary recordings being mixed to mono, but that just isn't done. At least, not by labels like Dylan's Columbia. Some hip indie labels/artists who think mono is cool is a different story!

There was a lapel button made back in the 70's that read "Back To Mono". I saw a photo of Phil Spector wearing one---he was known for his mono "Wall of Sound" recordings, which were what Brian Wilson tried to emulate in his Beach Boys mono mixes. Brian also used Spector's "Wrecking Crew" musicians on his recordings, so like Spector did he want his productions to sound. 

As "bpd24" says.  Well said.

The "Original Mono Recordings" from 2010 covered his official releases from 1962-1967.  There is still a treasure trove of tape, both released and unreleased, that is said to be coming out in mono.  Sony has a lot of  Dylan "Bootleg Series" volumes queued up, along with mono reissues.
We are talking about MoFi Mono reissues. Different from Sony Bootleg Series releases. 
Mobile Fidelity will be reissuing a few Dylan mono LPs.  Not sure how many. Might depend on how well they sell.
Dylan's 60's albums are available as Mono LP's on both Sundazed and Sony. Whether or not the upcoming MF versions are better than either remains to be heard.