Bob Crump DIY Power Cable Help

I am interested in making some Bob Crump design power cables and could use some help locating suppliers for the parts. These are Belden 19364 14/3 SJT cable; Schurter 4300.0603 IEC; Pass & Seymour 5266-X wall plug. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done this or knows where to get these parts. Thanks.
The P&S should be the easiest part to find (probably available at many electric wholesalers that carry P&S); the Schurter and Belden are tougher. Best bet on the Schurter is Allied Electronics and possibly Anixter for the Belden. You may have to buy a ton of the 19364 though, depending on who you talk to. The other alternative is to buy a Volex 17604 cord (I believe that Allied may sell these but am not sure-I'm almost positive that Newark Electronics does) which is Belden 19364 terminated with a molded plug and iec. You can then hack those off and terminate with the P&S and Schurter. The Volex is cheap (around $10 or $12 I think), and a lot cheaper than buying a giant spool of 19364.
Here is another part list (final cost less than $25/cable)

*IEC Schurter plug 4300.0603
Newark $7.27
Allied $7
Carlton-bates $? (check/Out of stock)

*PASS &SEYMOUR 5266-XHG (hospital grade)
Carlton-bates “Not carry”
Newark $14.87 (check/Out of stock)

*Hubbell HBL8215C plug (black is C) (hospital grade)
Newark $13.62 ea.
Carlton-bates $12.80/10 ea.

*Volex 17617 cords (9 ft 10”) with molded plug only
Newark $13.22
Allied $11.37
Carlton-bates from $11.04 (CHECK/out of stock)

Volex Cord (10 ft) is same as Belden 19364 cable (I called to confirm), cut the ends off and use the wire (I cut one in half and made 2 - 5ft cords), solder Schurter IEC to one end with some good solder. Pass & Seymour 5266-X AC or Hubbell HBL8215C plug screw this to the other end.

Hope it helps
The hospital grade Pass & Seymour 5266-XHG really doesn't sound very good with the Belden 19364 compared to the 5266-X and costs 20% more......
If anyone is still listening, you can save a few bucks on the Belden PC by buying Belden 17616 or 17617 (aproximately 6.5' & 10' respectively). They are the same as the recommended Belden/Volex PCs above except they don't have the molded male plug. That's why they're a couple bucks cheaper, and since you're going to cut it off to replace it with the P&S 5266X (I got a bunch at Menard's) why not save a few bucks?

Belden 17616 - Allied stock # 626-3616 $ 8.55
Belden 17617 - Allied stock # 626-3618 $11.94

Best of luck.