Bob Crump Custom Power Cord

Does anyone own or have you heard this power cord? I understand that it is designed by Bob Crump, one of the men behind the CTC Blowtorch preamp. This cord sells for $54.95, but is supposed to be very well made and is said to sound great. Any comments anyone?
I have two of these cords (well, almost-I'll clarify in a minute) which I made myself. The main component of the cord is Belden 19364 shielded 14 guage cable-the exact recipe calls for a P&S 5266 male end (I've used a Hubbell 5266) and a Schurter IEC which is now discontinued (I've used a Bulgen-a good quality IEC but the specific Schurter recommended supposedly has much greater contact area) and recommends soldering the connections. I've simply screwed my cables together. So my cables are not the exact recipe, and I've been told (and believe) that this cable will sound better if assembled exactly according to the "recipe". There is an Audiogon member here (Kevin) building the cord exactly as recommended. It is undoubtedly a great value and a champion "bang for the buck" power cable. I don't think you'll get a better cable for $55. That being said, I also own two Cardas Golden power cords and a Blue Circle BC 62 which are far superior to the Crump cords which I've assembled, but they cost from about 3 times as much to 4 times as much used (my Cardas cords cost me about $200 U.S. versus $55 for a "professionally" built Crump DIY cord) so there you go.
I have one of these I won here.Kevin gave it to me for the contest he had to give the cord a name.I use it on my outboard power supply to my Rogue 99 pre.I find it to offer better inner detail and cleaner bass over the stock cord.I had auditioned a Harmonic Tech.Pro AC-11 which I returned after hearing no difference over the stock Rogue cord.I highly recommend Kevins home brew cords.All the profit goes to charity.
Go to Audioasylum and see auctions and find ad from the guy who sells the cords for the charity. I bought one too...
Kevin (the maker of the cords) can be contacted through Audiogon. His user name is Kevperro.
Thanks for the info everyone.
Kevin posted a classified add for his cords today. You'll have to look under "New Today" and search on "crump".
Hmmm... I go away for a few weeks and when I come back everyone is talking about me. :)

I should point out that the cord I make is Bob Crump's most basic design. Bob also has a line of cables he makes that are much better than "The Asylum Cord" which I make and sell to support our adoption fund.

Some people are confusing "The Asylum Cable" (the official name) I make with his line of cables and I don't want there to be any confusion. The cable is $65 (we just had a price increase) and for that amount of money I don't know of a better cable. For twice that amount of money I don't know of a better cable. If you buy one of Bob's "REAL" cables you will get a much better sounding cable....period. The Asylum Cable is not an assult on the ultimate in power cable design. It is just a simple, great sounding bang/$ type of product that is pretty incredible for what you pay. They are great for people who have doubts about power cables actually making a difference in audio. I was a "Doubting Thomas" when I first built the cable and it awakened me to what a power cable can do. I still don't understand why they work....I'm always telling people to just try it and return them if you don't want to keep it. Nobody returns them. :)

If you want to see where the money we raise goes you can check the following link. It explains how the money will be spent from the sales of the cables. After we have this adoption paid for we might adopt more children in need (my wife is addicted to adopting children like I am to audio :))) or we might fund an orphanage in Guetamaula. Who knows... only time will tell.
How do I find out where to get one of Bob's REAL cables? And... Does he donate to charity?
Bob is TG Audio-the TG Audio Cords are Bob's, so if you can find a dealer (do a web search-I'm sure something will come up), I'm sure they'll sell you one. Alternatively, you can go to the audioasylum, where Bob is a very active and generous member, and e-mail him.
bwhite--email me and i will put you in touch w/ bob crump directly. if you don't know what PC you want, you should probably talk to bob first--i think he has 4 lines. btw: bob's stuff is incredible. in the asylum, he's "rcrump".
My complete system uses T.G. Audio power cords (except my transport), per recommendations from the "Bound for Sound" audio newsletter (I'm only a subsciber to BFS). There are three types of power cords that Bob makes:
1.) HSR "i" Rev II: for use with SS equipment, transports, DACs,SS preamps, smaller amps..etc.( I use the "i" on my DAC).
2.) HSR "A" Rev II: For tube-based products, but can be used on SS products as well with great results. ( I use the "A" on my Herron preamp).
3.) HSR "i2" ( i-squared) Rev II: For use with high current amps..etc. ( I use the "i2" on my two SS amps configured as mono-blocks).

All of the PCs are excellent and a good value for the money. These PCs have networks in them that is voiced by Bob Crump. Although I am a tweaker and regularly get the upgrade "fever", I have not changed the PCs listed above. NOTE: I use a Mapleshade "passive" Planar PC on my transport, which I upgraded from a Harm Tech 11.

You can purchase the T.G. Audio PCs from the two sites listed below. ( I'm sure there are others as well).

Hope this helps...ENJOY!

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I contacted Bob through the Tweak Shop. Thanks everyone!