Bob Caver 275 Power Amp

Thinking about buying this amp like feed back on this unit! At present I Emotiva Xpa 2 Gen 1 and 2 running my Wharfedale Littion and Diamond 250.  Looking to replace one of these with the 275 Caver.

Thanks Wayne 
do you need to sell the existing amps to buy the Carver? If not:

"Maybe biamp and use the SS as a the bass amp and the C275 for the mids highs" 

advice from oldhvymec is a really good one IMO.

or, a pair of self-powered subs (front facing, no ports, adjacent to the Littion's), perhaps try covering the Littion rear ports if you add the subs.
+1 @roxy54 

But I think periods are only one of many concerns he should have.........
I sure agree with Oldhymec in my amazement of mentioning Emotiva and Carver in the same sentence... unless Emotiva has higher-end gear that I am unaware of.  I had a multi-channel Emotiva driving my Linkwitz LXmini's, the same amp that Dr. Linkwitz used when he demo'd his speakers for me in his home... using zip cord for the speakers... go figure.  They sounded quite good, but tepid in the low end but I built a pair and then I sold the speakers along with the Emotiva amp due primarily do to the lack for visceral bass response.  I had hooked up the Emotiva amp to my new speakers and the sound was awful, plain awful. 

But I digress.  I almost bought the Carver amp before opting to buy Don Sachs' tube amp.   I have not compared the Carver and Sachs tube amp in my system, but clearly the Sachs' tube amp is thought to be top notch for many.  I am a 12-year devotee of Don's creations, and Don's amp has a self-biasing/auto-biasing feature that the Carver 275 amp lacks.  

I started a thread a long ago soliciting opinions about owners' view on the Carver amp and on that that thread, as far as I can recall, there were zero bad takes by owners of the amp; to the contrary, everybody seems to love them.   I think the Carver amp is a very likely one of the best bargains in tubes amps possible and most dealers allow you are demo period in your home system.  

I will happily give a shout out to Jim Clark Stereo who was one of the first dealers of the Crimson 275 in the US and he tells me that he has very happy customers of the amp, which is no surprise.  There is a good blog about the amp here:

Evidently the Carver amp has great tube longevity and Carver has not raised the price of the amp since its introduction, which I find remarkable.  Yeah, no question, if you seek tube amplification on a budget, I think the best bargain available is the remarkable Crimson 275.  



  cheers to two fun dudes with great sarcastic humor. Buys a round for all 3 of us. 
  Only Carver piece i own is the sunfire 600 sig. pretty much blows the doors off all my past and current amps.     Ive owned many 100W and under amps/receivers etc, they always clip and lose power on the guitar solo, or the music time changez.  
   Carver is a genius.  The 275 monos are crazy good and smooth.  Dont wanna hear in a 6 mo. Span there is not enough power.    We all try to help. 
second round
I own the Bob Carver 350 mono blocks and have had them now for several years, and, I am very happy with them.
Not quite the same as the 275 but probably contains much of the same DNA.
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