Bob Caver 275 Power Amp

Thinking about buying this amp like feed back on this unit! At present I Emotiva Xpa 2 Gen 1 and 2 running my Wharfedale Littion and Diamond 250.  Looking to replace one of these with the 275 Caver.

Thanks Wayne 

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Those emo amps r 150-250. WPC. 300 maybe. 
  While the carver is fine. You may. NEed more power. Only 80 W w the 275. Amp.    Save a little more and buy a. BEtter amp. I have the. Xpa-1 amps. Powerful yes, the much lower powered Odyssey kismet  monos seriously run over them.  Strange yes, they drive my modded cerwin. VegA D-9 pair much better,   Was told better parts, current etc.       I just hear a major difference with the kismets at 4 ohm about 350W. 



  cheers to two fun dudes with great sarcastic humor. Buys a round for all 3 of us. 
  Only Carver piece i own is the sunfire 600 sig. pretty much blows the doors off all my past and current amps.     Ive owned many 100W and under amps/receivers etc, they always clip and lose power on the guitar solo, or the music time changez.  
   Carver is a genius.  The 275 monos are crazy good and smooth.  Dont wanna hear in a 6 mo. Span there is not enough power.    We all try to help. 
second round
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