Bob Carver C-500 worth restoring and/or upgrading??

I have a Carver C-500 that I am the original purchaser of back in the 80’s.
It has been stored well, but has not been used for 30 years. I have a need for a good amp with some power to drive some DynAudio Contour 20 4ohm-rated speakers.
Can anyone "with experience with C-500s" tell me if the amp is worth refurbishing/upgrading? Where I should get it done? ...and a guesstimate cost range? I am looking for good work, not a cheap price. I also respect skilled, knowledgeable technicians... The unit has nostalgic value to me, so if it can compete with today’s solid state amps from a performance standpoint, once refurbed...I want to do it up, RIGHT!
At the very least I will need the capacitors replaced.
Any takers??? (Bob Carver BASHERS need not respond, although I am open to knowledgeable criticism of the C-500 with specific evidence! 😎).
Thanks guys!


I’ve had them restore quite a few pieces of Carver gear for me. He is an expert at Carver gear. Located in Michigan.
So...I am kind of becoming an expert on the topic! LOL! I have had all these "experts" telling me to replace the capacitors, blah...blah blah. The only Carver-authorized location has mixed reviews, for sure. Plus I would be shipping it to strangers...the cost of packing and shipping and potential for damage,  I finally talked to an HONEST, open tech here in NJ, who has a killer reputation and he works out of his house. Has worked on Carver before. He said that all the hyperbole about capacitors is horse sh*t! 🐎💩😬
He told me how to test my amp with a voltmeter (and it checked out fine) and I inspected and there is no leakage from the caps..They look brand the amp may work just fine. I am waiting for a Schiit Freya + tube preamp to get here (they are 6-week back ordered)...and I will get some junk speakers to test on in the meantime.  If it doesn't work out, I can take the 80min drive to Ho-Ho-Kus and drop it off in good hands.  I am finally getting somewhere. 😁👍🏼
Thanks for your input!, in Rockford, ILL..

call and speak with the owner or his son. They do great work.
the restore a lot of stuff.
great work!!

 If your close to Rockford, drive her there.