Bob Carver Architect's Choice Series II SunfireAmp

Anyone have or heard this particular Bob Carver amp design? What is your opinion of the amp and what did you hear it against? I am not looking for any other opinions on any other Carver products, only this particular amp.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
my favorite amp. tried levinson and krell fpb. I like the sunfire better. Way more upper freq detail. If I had more cash I would have krell on the subs. cant go wrong with sunfire.
Peter: Saw your email first and responded to you privately.

Promod: Which Sunfire do you have ? There are factory mods that can be done to some of these amps that will improve current delivery. This in turn increases bass output in a very noticeable manner. Sean
Sean the amp I have is the Architect's Choice Series II Sunfire amp that Bob Carver signs. I borrowed it from a friend who kept telling me to give it a try, and I gotta say it blew away the tube sound that I thought I loved from my other friends Graaf amp that I have also benn listening too. Are there mods for this amp?

Thanks Peter
That would be the Signature series if it has Bob's name on the faceplate. This is the bigger ( and better in my opinion ) model. As far as factory mods go to this unit, i don't know if they do the "low impedance" aka "Apogee mod" to these or not. In terms of aftermarket modifications, i'm quite certain that you could find someone to get inside the unit and swap a few parts in order to take your money. This is true regardless of what type of product you have, the name on it or what it costs : ) Sean
I've had this amp for a decade and it's been great. My Carver CT-26v preamp that I've been using with it just went on the fritz. Anyone know something new I can replace it with that's compatible?