Bob Carver Amazing Line Source speakers

Any thoughts or experience on these new speakers from Bob? I've heard preproduction version a couple of years ago. Now, it's in production, and the reviewer Robert E. Greene in the Oct issue of TAS seem to love them. These are suppose to be line source speakers, not line arrays like planar speakers out there. Haven't seen a commercial speaker of this type in the past.
Bob has always gone against the audio stream with products like the magnetic field amplifier in the 80's, The Tracking Downconverter Sunfire amp of the 90's. Bob now has gone back to building beautiful tube amplifiers under the Bob Carver name. This new speaker from him looks very high tech and I will bet next is a subwoofer to go with them. Regards,

The Amazing Line Source package includes a Carver-designed Sunfire SubRosa powered subwoofer to provide bass reach down to 18 Hz.
The ALS starts shipping in a week or so. Each tower has 12 tweeters plus one super tweeter facing forward. Since the "cabinet" is a triangular aluminum tube, the 22 4" mid bass drivers are facing the wrong way! That's 11 per side on the two backsides of the triangle. Now get this: each little woofer is wound with a high-back-EMF coil which allows each driver to act, not only as a speaker, but as a microphone. So you have 22 microphones per tower listening to the room reflections. This info is kicked back to the amplifier which is forced to self-equalize through its feedback loop so it never sounds like a Bose 901. For more details, if you care, see the Absolute Sound review on line but suffice it to say that the reviewer felt it could be the greatest speaker ever to many listeners. At $17,500 for the four piece system--two towers, one sub and one external sub-amp/crossover, it would really be middle-priced in the high-end world. Feel free to call me for more details: Frank Malitz 847-668-4519.