Bob Bundus was wrong.

He said the Wattgate recepticle was like a "$10,000.00 upgrade. Its more like a $5,000.00 - $7,000.00 upgrade.
Hi Bob.
Damn it, Bob!!!!!! Get it right!!!!!

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA

PS Who's Bob Bundus?
Bob has 10k hearing, you have only 5-7k hearing. Alas, I am in the $75 range.
What about Bob?
Darrylhifi was wrong. That's not how "recepticle" is spelled.
Hey! Bob's the man that's not afraid to say what he hears;-)
Audiophiles, like most men, round up!
Ahhhhhhhhh "receptacle" . Of course after last nights wine from Argentina {13.5%} alcohol.......and a doobie, I had trouble spelling my own name. Bobby B, where are you !!
Did someone say Watergate?
$10000 Yen, right?
Review DVD Audio , Wattgate digital connection , VD Nite front END, Wattgate Classe Connection Nite VD, Wattgate {2}, 3 VD Nite's for 3 discrete dedicated line playback.

The Band was in my house. Richie Blackmore says hello.

Have to give a serious thumbs up to the Wattgate's.

Hi Mike !
Speaking of Watergate. Nixon used Wattgate outlets too. If you listen to the tapes the detail and soundstage depth is amazing!
Darrylhifi - I think the simple explanation is that Bob was referring to the full retail upgrade while you may be recommending the upgrade based on Audiogon pricing. Come to think of it, maybe Bob's 10k was official pricing of his Accuphase and yours is gray market... Or maybe...
Is Deano wrong? I mean, he's got a very expensive rig w/ Lamm preamp, 20K Monoblocks, plus good hearing. I presume that little near field system of his has indeed some resolution..

This is what he wrote about the Wattgates:

I have just purchased three PS Audio Power Ports. They were on sale @ $30 each, so I took advantage of that. Also got a "B" stock PS Audio Juice Bar for $125. I don't think I can go wrong.

Is Wattgate really worth it?

Who's got it right, then?

For the record, I have not heard the P&S nor the Wattgate.
Hi Darryl I'm a little late here, stumbling onto this thread with *my name* on it no less...
But hey - now you know I wasn't kidding one bit; these outlets are definitely Major League & there's nothing out there that can beat them at any price. You get what you pay for - only in this case you pay about $150 & get a return on investment of approx. 50 to 66 times over your actual cash outlay! Anyone thinking that the Wattgate 381 is outrageously priced is correct - they are --- outrageously *under*priced!
Maybe 666 times over...
Remember the note Deano wrote was posted in 2000. I think the Wattgate 381 has been improved since then. I have done some extensive testing with outlets (not all but many) and the two at the top of my list are the Hubbell 8300 cryogenically treated ($60) and the Wattgate 381 ($130 if you shop for it).