Bo Diddley - Rest in Peace

Bo died today at his home in Florida of heart failure. Known for his often home-made square quitar and his rowdy, righteous rock and roll songs. By now he's right in the middle of the best jam session anywhere - keep rockin' Bo!
I often wonder what people mean by "Rest in Peace" when one dies. But alas, he is in the middle of a jam session. Who is playing in this band? Is Bo still living? Is he resting? Is he non existent.

Spring is still here and we see a resurrection of some sort that happens with trees, plants, grass, etc... Life from death. A picture of hope is it? I'll buy into that for sure. Bugur the thinking I lose out on all the good music for a non existent theory.

Is there music on the "other side" in ..........?
I was lucky to have caught Bo 2 years ago at Bumbershoot in Seattle.
Glory -

If there is a jam session for Bo, it's likely to be a doozy. Think of it: With Bo Diddly laying down the signature beat, there's Jimi on lead guitar, trading riffs with Stevie Ray. Janis on vocals. Half of Lynyrd Skynyrd. L.B.J. over there whippin' up some ribs on the grill. If they're lucky, Lionel will break out into a vibe solo if we can get him out from behind the drum set. Perhaps, during kit changes, poetry readings by Kerouac and Ginsberg.

As for your questions, they are all good questions to which no one really knows the answers. It is fun to imagine, though.
Enjoyed learning in his obit that his unique guitar sound was achieved with bowing techniques learned through years of training in classical violin during childhood. Also that in hard times during the '70s he became a deputy sheriff in New Mexico. And after years of disputes with record companies, that he liked to advise musicians "Don't trust nobody but your mama, and even then, give her a real good look."
A true pioneer.

Still get a hoot out of Bo's Pawnbroker character in the movie
"Trading Places".

"You got a receipt?"

What a gift!

When I was a sophomore in High School my life was changed for good, and for better, when a rockn roll hood moved in next door and soon introduced me to beer, girls and Bo Diddley. Hallelujah!

It is interesting that he was influenced by studying classical violin. I read some years ago that he was also influenced by a certain style of black fife and drum music that is played in parts of Mississippi. Whatever his roots and influences may have been he made unique and special music. He was a gift. Oh,I want some beer too.

Lets hope there is music "on the other side". And not just hymn singing. Im looking forward to hearing Bo jam with Fritz Kreisler and a black fife and drum band.
I added "Oh,I want some beer too." to the wrong place in my post. (Maybe Ive already had enough beer.) I meant to add it to the last paragraph, to add it to the list of things Id like to encounter on the other side. Anyway, here's to Bo.