BNC to RCA adaptor

My DAC has a BNC so I need a high quality adaptor to my RCA digital cable. Looking for rhodium or similar quality. Thanks.
Isn't it cheaper/better to install an extra rca input !? Personally i don't like the sound of rhodium.
I asked about the BNC and several stated that an adaptor would work well and not degrade the signal. They all liked the BNC connectors. The rhodium is perhaps not the best. Thanks for suggestion.
My Forsell transport had a BNC output; when the RCA adapter they had furnished wore out (my digital cables were too heavy, and bent the inner pin) I had a coax RCA connection installed, which sounded good but not as good as the BNC. When I had the Forsell tuned up by Elliot Midwood, he reinstalled the BNC connector, and the magic was back. I would contact him (Elliot owns Acoustic Image in California), he was able to supply me with a couple of the Forsell BNC/RCA adapters, which Forsell claimed were better than a BNC terminated digital cable. He might be able to source and/or sell you some high quality adapters.
I have a gold plated version, of the adapter, if you are interested. I can send you photos if you provide me an email address.
Partsconnexion has a BNC male to RCA female gold-plated connector on this page. You'll have to scroll about halfway down the page to find it.
Amphenol does make some high-grade 75-ohm BNC bulkhead connectors and such, maybe an RCA adaptor of this series as well. They're the standard silver-plated RG-military-spec type.

But why don't you have the cable re-terminated with a BNC on one end? This would avoid modification to your equipment, and eliminate the added leverage of an adapter to stress the connections.