BNC out to an RCA in

I just picked up a Levinson no 37 with a choice of digital outs however my pre/pro will only accept rca input , the question is will I gain anything by having the transport end reterminated to bnc or am I just as well off using the rca to rca that I have Thanks
Use the Stereovox HDVX cable and you will not have to compromise anything. Ends can either be BNC or RCA depending on if the RCA adapter is used. Use the BNC end on the 37 and RCA on the pre/pro. Incredible digital cable as well.
I agree. OTOH, one can buy the same BNC-RCA adapters and put them on your current cables.
I did this before BNC to RCA, cant tell the differrence,
I felt its a waste of time and money.Its not worth it.