BNC digital output for Sony CDP-XA7ES ???

Has anyone ever tried replacing the RCA digital output of the Sony CDP-XA7ES with a BNC to see if it made a better transport this way? (I am not talking about adapters--I mean actually having the output professionally changed.)

I am trying to decide if I should keep the Sony and use it as a high end transport or sell it and spend the money on a used high end transport. Any and all comments and opinions are most welcome!

That models transport operates in a similar manner as the 25k PiTracer. Change the output and see what happens.
Dear "Tabletennis"--

Thank you for responding to my BNC versus RCA question.

I have read some of your other forum responses and you seem very knowledgeable. If I may beg your indulgence, the whole point of my posting this question was to get opinions of what changing the output to BNC might accomplish without actually doing it.

But there is a bigger issue here. The real issue is just how good a transport does the XA7ES make, regardless of the output? The transport mechanism is magnificent; but what does that translate into at the back end of the machine?

I also own a Sonic Frontiers SFT-1. I wish I had a warehouse full of them--or at least a warehouse full of spare Philips CDM 12.4s. I think that it sounds as good as it does mainly because of the fact that SF designed most of the jitter out of it. And this has to do with the design of the entire machine--not just the CDM 12.4.

So, I guess I am seeking an individual who has knowledge of how the Sony and the SF compare as transports. If someone offered me an 8/10 SFT-1 in trade for my 9/10 Sony right now I would jump at the chance. (I actually have a wanted ad to this effect on Audiogon right now and am being ignored.)

So, your comments and elaborations are most welcome!

Thanks much!!