BNC Connectors- Do they really hurt performance?

Does anybody have first hand knowledge if RCA to BNC connectors can really affect performance?

I had a Straight Wire digital rca Mega Link (mid cable)cable for the DVD to processor cable and bought a new setup. The new gear has BNC's. So it was time to find a new cable(great logic, buy one new thing, opps I guess I need three more new things...)

So, using the connectors, I tried their top digital cable and could not tell a difference. The dealer only would do the 7 day return on in stock items, not special order as the BNC would be. In both 2ch playback and surround modes. I had the cable six days, just let it run 5 days 24/7 before any critical listing. No difference, if any very little.

Also since the DVD component video out is BNC, well time to get new ones of those too... Audioholic logic. Using the connectors, going from the cheap $30.00 conx ones to the top Silver Link II's, very little picture improvement. Some yes, 6-7% really.

Playback- Simaudio DVD/pro/amp monitor HD Toshiba RPTV speakers-ok ones...

Thanks all,

This is an incredibly complex question to answer. The interface between a transport and DAC vary from unit to unit. The combination of any number of cables, connectors and adaptors may move you closer or further from the "correct" termination impedance.

That being said, having the termination "wrong" may sound better, depending on your preference for tonal balance and perceived resolution. You answered your own question with your remarks about the Silver Link II's. Your experience is not uncommon when making this type of test.

In theory, the SUM of all the connections should be 75 ohms. The BNC was designed to be a true 75 Ohm connector, the RCA is not.

The errors of the cable and connector together may balance each other out, making two improper impedance, correct.

A few years ago Audio Research manufactured a RCA to BNC adaptor. My experience with that adaptor compared to a direct connection (removal of adaptor) was about as exciting as your Silver Link test.

In the end, you are doing the right thing in experimenting.
Hi Albertporter, Your post makes sense. I have gear that has only bnc's(transport,dip super). I had wondered about sonics with adaptors but all is well. Carnare seems to take the 75 ohm issue to heart. Thanks for the info.
A very good Q!
I wonder why there is such a fuss about the connector point!The cable is another issue to take into account.
I am starting to lean towards Cables being of Low Impedence,have good sheilding and the Connector being True 75 ohm connectors and the BNC\RCA just a throw in like which is easier to work with!

I need an ART DAC Modified and I will not be going the BNC route with the added cost of the Cable!Seems like it might just be another gimmick to get you to buy the BNC Outs and add a super expensive cable!That SUX!I'll stick to RCA till I hear a great diff or the Designer's can show me that it's the better connector!
I have done extensive testing listening to my system with a BNC and then using an adapter to RCA. I’m sure there must be a difference but to be honest I could not tell the difference.