bmw rock solids opinion


I was wondering if anyone has had or heard a pair of rock solids and if they would make a good speaker with a small integrated amp approx. 5O watts (creek nad etc.). Or are these speakers better used as patio speakers or rear channels for ht.

Yes, I do remember hearing these little gems. I recommended them to a friend who went out to purchase speakers under $300/pair. She listened to them for about 10 minutes and said she wanted a pair in black.

They will work very nicely with a 50 w/ch integrated. They will suprise you by their refinement and the sound they can put out.

Give 'em a listen.
I use mine with computer and 30 wpc amplifier. Sound great as nearfield monitor but is little bass shy. By the way, bmw (Bavarian Motor Works) makes motorcyles & cars, not speakers. You means B&W (Bowers & Wilkens).
The Rock Solids are an inoffensive-sounding speaker, which is a great accomplishment for what they are, and I like them. However, from an audiophile perspective, I would relegate them to the patio etc. as you suggest. There are many small, relatively inexpensive conventional monitors that will sound better than the Solids if wall- or ceiling-mounting, or all-weather capabilities, are not of importance in your application. But if we're talking strictly background music in a secondary system like an office or something, and the appearance and price are paramount, they will not suck. Depends on what you're after, but don't expect miracles (FWIW, I used to sell a ton of these back when I did retail audio...).
Ditto to Zaikesman!