BMI power cord with Musical Fidelity KW 500amp

Hi,anyone have good experience with BMI PC with KW 500 amp or another PC ? where can i purchase the PC in States, if possible email address.Tks

Keep in mind you need a 20 amp IEC "female" termination on the cable. You may want to check out the Elrod Statement 20 amp PC as well.

Thanks for your input,do you have experience with Elrod statement 20 amp PC, are they warm,tranparent and huge soundstage,I' m using Tranparent PLMM PC with 20mp termination, Wanted to try different PC for my amp and how about other PC e.g VD master, Shunyata Anaconda alpha helix?
Hi. I live in England and have been a big fan of Musical Fidelity and currently have the KW500.I was very disappionted when I first listened to it but it gradually got better as the hours of use went by. I then replaced the Audience power cord that I was using with a Shunyata Alpha Anaconda and things got dramatically better.Everything seemed to fall into place, the bass tightend up significantly ,sound stage widened and the sound was more alive. I am no expert but I am delghted with the KW500 and Anaconda combination.
Here is the link for BMI Cables.
I thought BMI went out business. I am curious about these cables. Which ones are appropriate for what use(s)? What are the differnces between them? What's the price structure?
BMI didn't go out of business. If I remember correctly, a few years ago, BMI decided to distribute all their products through a distributor. Somewhere along the line, they ended up only distribute to the Asian market. I had followed BMI products early on and had contemplated about buying one. The amp that ended up in my system for the past 8 years had a captive cord, so I didn't pull the trigger.

I recently purchased a new amp which required a powercord, so I started searching for BMI powercords again. What I found out was that the BMI powercord has become very popular in Asia, selling in the range of US$1500-US$6000+. A friend just did some search for me and there were two used models selling in Hong Kong for US$1300 (middle of the line) and US$4300 (top of the line). I remember that their early model Whales and Sharks used to go for about $200-$400 on Audiogon. So that's quite a bit of price jump!!! Maybe that's why BMI decided to focus on the Asian market instead.

I just saw a Whale Mk 3 on Audiogon today for US$150, out of curiousity, I bought it so I can check it out. Should be here in a couple of days. Will see how it stacks up to the PS Audio Xtreme Statement and a derivative of VH Audio Flavor 4 that I am putting together.

I use a Michael Wolff Gain 2 pc with the TriVista, and am quite satisfied.
You pulled the trigger as I was asking questions. LOL. Good for you. Please report your findings. I was also interested in the VH Flavor 4.

Guess I got lucky this time. ;-) As for the VH Flavor 4, what I intend to do is to encase the body of the powercord insid a 5/8" diameter vinyl/rubber (?) tubing I got from Orchard Supply, Fill the tubing with sand, and seal the tubing with silicone caulking. The sand acts as damping material. Nothing scientific here, just want to experiment. I will compare it to a regular Flavor 4 to see what effect this has.

Frank: Do NOT use "normal" silicone for what you want to do. Silicone is acedic and can cause the plasticizers in cabling to break down and migrate. This migration can contaminate other dielectrics and / or corrosion of the actual conductors. If you must use silicone, find some "non-acedic" stuff.

Other than that, mechanically damping the Flavour 4 should help it out. The added mass may make it tough to work with as it is already pretty rigid to begin with. That's just my opinion though. Sean
Thanks Sean. Do you mean that the vinly coating over the cable will break down after prolong contact with the sand? What if I add another layer of "protective" coating over the cable? Maybe something like those clear vinyl hose/tubing you find at Orchard supply?

I will try looking into the non-acedic sand.