BMI Oceanic Statement - for Source or Amps??

Have anyone compared the effect of connecting BMI OS to Source (CDP, or DAC) with connecting to pre-amp or Power-amp??

Please share?

I am currently using BMI Oceanic Statement power cables thru out my system with great success. The only differences with all 9 of my Oceanic Statements are lengths and different type of connectors are used. I have several of the latest BMI Oceanics with Rhodium connectors, several with Gold connectors and a matched pair of Silver Oceanics.

Also have 1- BMI Oceanic 20A version on one of my conditioners which is pretty incredible to hear.

All sound great but with this mix of BMI Oceanics it brings special synergy to my 200K 2-channel reference audio system.
Also, have different generations of the BMI Oceanics.

I am extremely happy with the sound that my investment of the BMI Oceanics in my so called modest 200K stere system.
I have tried and owned BMI Oceanic on all my components.  I find them to work the best on the front end.........I have found other cables to work better on amps.  That's said, I think it's a must to have at least one in the system, front end.  It just brings a smoothness to everything.