bmi eels or ps audio mini and lab 2 s or stealth m21s?

MY system is as follow bryston sp1 ,aragon 8008 , bryston 6bst , sony dvd 9000es, b&w nautlius 802's, htm1 and n805's with a asw 2500 . with audioquest and bryston interconnects and caldera speakers cables for the main. I am trying to complete system with power cables> I have recently bought a tara labs ac6 power screen . All I need know is power cords these are the one's that I like any help would be great thanks.
Deven8, I would go with the BMI EEL. If you can afford it the BMI Whale Elite is more costly, but worth every penny. Both of the above mentioned power cords will give you neutral sound without any artificial coloring. You should notice; increased bass, as well as increase of detail and resolution. The Whale Elite is even better!
Don't know about the PS Audio cord, but I have run both Eels and Stealth M21s. I find the Eel Ref Customs to be wonderful on amplifiers but the M21s to be more refined sounding on low level components (sources, preamps). An acquaintance has used the Whale Elite on sources and says they are good there as well. I can't comment, although I do think you will find the M21s easier to use (more "ergonomically" correct).
thanks for the responses. You have help me with my decision.