BMI Eel vs. Voodoo Mana power cord?

I am a day away from purchasing three Eels for my system, but I have also heard good things about the Mana. I would be greatful for any input- Thanks Brett
Go with either EELs or Whale ELite. You will not be disappointed.
I second Tomp. (BMI) EEL or WHALE ELITE! You can not go wrong.
Strongly agree with the last two posts. I have both Whales and EEls and very happy with the improvemements and results. To answer your question, the EEl is a wonderful cable for the money but once you hear a Whale installed it takes everything to another level.
Hey, what's the BMI website's address? Can't seem to find it.
check Cables > Power > Item: 1001540920 here at audiogon.
i have three eels and lika them alotta. kurt
Hueske, BMI does not have a website however (Brian) advertises on this site. He is on vaction or in the process of moving to a larger place. Watch for his add on Audiogon Action. They are closed until August 13th I think.
FYI : Lak-I just talked to Brian @ BMI a couple of days ago and he is shutting down from August 12th and reopening for production August 23rd. BMI is in the process of moving to a larger facility for expansion. It also shows this on BMI's Audiogon ad.